I just fucking nailed practicing my defense presentation. I’m so freaking excited and nervous for tomorrow!
Wish me tons of luck on my thesis defense!

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anna8910 asked: I'm currently studying for my first final in 6 years.... and it's like.... how the fuck did I used to do this and WHY the fuck am I doing it again!?!?!?! Good luck with your defense! From one Anna to another Ana!

Right??? I don’t even remember how to study or do a presentation. The last time I did one was years ago, when I was starting uni. 

But thank you so much, Anna! Good luck on your final :)

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So… has anyone done a thesis defense? What am I supposed to expect? Should I be shitting my pants like I am right now or relax more because it’s not a big deal?

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Chocolate pizza because my family knows best.

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this is the first time in forever that i’ve been able to sit back and relax on the weekend and not think about finishing my thesis. plus it’s so refreshing because i’m mentally preparing myself for the most stressful week ever.

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I just wanted to say that I loved seeing everyone’s pictures and that you’re all so gorgeous that I’m super jealous. Kudos to whoever thought of this!

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Petition for hrhsussex to post a picture for #rfselfienight

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Thesis deadline: Friday.

Ana’s thesis status: thesis is on the process of being printed between today and tomorrow. Have to pick up the book on friday afternoon. Need to make presentation + study for defense. Thesis defense July 29th. Nervous. Excited. Ready for this.

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